Mark Jeffery, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist, 2,200 Hour Trained.
Thai Massage Therapy. Swedish Massage. Indian Head Massage. Reiki Energetic Balancing.
Calgary, Alberta
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Thai massage is incredibly effective and versatile for what has you seeking a massage. It looks a lot like "facilitated yoga," or as some like to call it "yoga for lazy people." I have found it to be best with most common muscle concerns as it approaches the body as a whole and not as isolated muscles. Whether you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, or you're active and are seeking relief from tight muscles - Thai will impress you with it's therapeutic results! It's best to email me for more information. Thank you!

Only love, Mark Jeffery.

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Holding Hands by Alex Grey


Holding Hands by Alex Grey

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"Women are, in particular, sort of sold this concept of beauty in magazines and everything like that, and I hope to articulate the fact that I started off as a boy, and I’m dressed up as a woman. I hope women can see how beauty is created, and how I’m literally creating the illusion of a woman, and that’s what many women are doing as well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with beauty or that illusion, but I think the issue is that people think it’s real."  

- Courtney Act for Out Magazine




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"It took me a while to get round to joining the second wall up. been a busy bee. this is the last pic of cowcaddens, I promise. onto other things…."

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I love bananas


I love bananas

“Words are so heavy.”
The Book Thief, page 526 (via cavum)

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Embroidered Map Collages

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